2012 – Looking back, part 6

Prague 1  


OK, here is part 6 of my 2012 photography review. Number six indicates June, but I'm still in May with the images I show today. After Seraphine's and Andre's wedding we went for a wonderful trip to Prague, the capitol of the Czech Republic. This is only three hours away by train from my home town Bautzen. I have been there many times before in the old days (Oh boy, it always has been a Mecca for interesting experiences of art and architecture, mostly followed by endless "beer drinking nights" during my 20's and 30's. Those trips where legendary.. ;-)  ). Joan hasn't been there before and so we went. Prague is a city that wasn't damaged during World War II as much as other cities in Europe. History is present by looking at any single stone in a wall or on the streets. As the avid follower of my blog knows, my main interest in photography is wildlife and landscape photography, but an opportunity like Prague, with lots of  architecture, art, street, or just travel photography, can't be ignored. We loved it, including the good Bohemian beer again... ;-)


Franz Kafka Gasse