2012 – Looking back, part 5

Rathaus Bautzen  

May 2012 was a month full of joy. We were over in Germany and attended the wedding of my son André and his wonderful wife Seraphine. It was nice to see all my family gathered in one place and we had a great time. Beside that it was just a good feeling being back in my home town Bautzen. I claim that I know every single stone in the old quarter of the city by name (just kidding :-)  ), because I grew up in this part of town. Joan and I enjoyed walking through the streets of this over 1000 years old city again and I will never get enough of it, especially since I live in the US where many cities look very uniform.

The first picture shows the Rathaus (city hall) and the Dome St. Petri in the background. This old church is, as far I know, the largest church in Europe that is shared by two confessions. The western part with the tower is used by the Protestant Church St. Petri and the eastern part is used by the Catholic Church.




This image shows the Nicolai tower, one of the old access gates to the city. It was part of the defense system in the old days. I have taken pictures of this tower many times before but the light did something very special for my image this time. The photo was made in the evening and light of the low sun got reflected by a house on the right hand side next to the tower (you cant see much of this house). The bouncing light illuminated the old wall and the cobble stones in the lane, which would be otherwise just in the shadow. I liked that effect and was happy to be there at the right moment.