2012 - Looking back, part 4

Warm beer - cold food  


I had a very busy travel schedule this year and one of my business trips required my presence in Arizona. I stayed through the weekend and spent some time in the Red Rocks around Sedona. Not far from Sedona is Jerome, an old mining town, charming, and with lots of places for photography. One of them is the Gold King Mine and Ghost Town. I wrote about it in April here in the blog. Feel free to click in the archive to see more pictures about this place if you like. I couldn't be choosy about the time to be there and just had to deal with the harsh light of the Arizona sun. I did a lot of bracketing, usually between five and nine exposure steps. This one is the front porch of one of the old buildings in the ghost town. The final picture was made out of five images, each one f-stop apart, in NIK's HDR Efex Pro software. Black & white works very well for the structure of the old wood and it gives the image that nostalgic look that I like.