Nature clicks #130 - Brown Creeper

Brown Creeper  

The expected cold weather for the next few days drives obviously a few birds further south that we have not seen here lately. One of them is the Brown Creeper. This small, tree-clinging bird shows up only occasionally but so far we have seen it every winter here in our yard.

Let me warn you, this image is not really sharp but I like to show it anyway because it is the first time that I was able to make a picture of the Brown Creeper. They start at the bottom of a tree and work their way up pecking insects, fly down to the ground to the base of the next tree and do the same again. Unlike woodpeckers they do it much faster and therefore it is very difficult to get a sharp shot. They also blend very well into their environment and don't provide much contrast to focus on. I had to shoot ISO 400 and that did not help sharpness either. Despite the soft image I'm very happy about it and who knows, maybe I see this bird again during the weekend. I'll keep my eyes open.


Finch affair


At least I like to show you that I can do better. I thought this photo of an American Goldfinch and a House Finch sitting together on a branch was kinda cute. It looks like they were flirting with each other. It seems we have much more finches this year in the yard than other years, at least the high consumption of thistle seeds makes me believe it.


There was another bird here today that I haven't seen for a while, but this will be another "Nature Clicks" post tomorrow.