A great way to start a day

Morning in St. Louis  

I travel a lot for my job and spend many nights in hotel rooms (more than 50 this year already). Whenever I can, I book my room on the upper floor. One reason is that the noise level is often a little less than on the lower floors but it also leads ones in a while to a good view over an interesting part of a city. Yesterday I went for a customer visit to St. Louis, Missouri and had a good view from my room to the famous Gateway Arch, which is located downtown St. Louis. Earlier this year I was in a hotel near the arch and was able to shoot right under the arch (Click HERE for the image). This time I was a little further away, but this morning, about 30 minutes before sunrise, I saw some great morning light coming up. I had the lens close to the glass of the window, the white balance was set to cloudy, focal length at 120 mm, and dialing in -2 EV led to 1/30s @ f/8. What a great way to start a day...!!  :-)