Down at the river

Return to the marina  

Unbelievable mild weather made for a very pleasant Sunday today. In addition it was slightly hazy and that put the "big diffuser" in front of our main light source, the sun. I call that great shooting conditions. I loaded our dog Cooper and all my camera gear in the car and we went to different places down at the Mississippi today. One of them was the Massey Marina, just south of Dubuque, Iowa. I wasn't the only one who enjoyed to be near or on the water. This trapper and his dog came back from checking his beaver traps and he made a good subject for exercising my panning technique. He didn't mind and we had a nice chat while our both dogs had their meet and great thing going on. I can tell I'm a little "rusty" with the long lens. I need to practice more in order to be ready for the Bald Eagles, who will hopefully be here in great numbers as soon the river freezes over.


Empty boat slips


The winter can be here any time and all boats have been taken out of the water in the marina. The empty boat slips created a nice pattern on the water and the low sun let the colors pop. As you already know, I like this kind of hunting for the light. More to come...