Door County lighthouses, part 2

Cana Island Lighthouse  

It was our third day in Door County, Wisconsin today. An almost uniform overcast made me pushing the shutter release button on the D300s much less than during the last two days before. However, here is part two of my little series of the Door County lighthouses. None of the pictures is from today's trip.

This is my favorite shot of the Cana Island Lighthouse. I really love how the light "kissed" the tower and the building.


Eagle Bluff Lighthouse


Eagle Bluff Lighthouse was built in 1868 and became automated in 1926. The Door County Historical Society has restored this structure in Peninsula State Park and turned it into a living museum. (source:

On Thanksgiving Day we arrived just one hour before sunset at this lighthouse and the sun had already disappeared behind a thin layer of clouds. The clouds worked like a big diffuser in front of the sun and made for an even exposure of this wonderful landmark.


Baileys Harbor Range Lights

Making a photograph of Baileys Harbor Range Lights, two hours earlier than the one before, was a little more of a challenge. The white paint and strong sunlight bear the risk of blowing out the highlights on the white boards. Dialing in too much exposure compensation can make the shadows too dark in this high contrast image. I don't like either one of these effects and tried to find the balance here. It was important to me to include the building in the background, since it is an essential part of this navigation aid and contains the rear light of this system.

The Baileys Harbor Range Lights were built in 1869 and automated in 1972. For one hundred years, these lights were used to gain safe entry into Bailey's Harbor. When the upper and lower lights were lined up, sailors knew they were in safe waters. (source: