Ocean feeling

Lake Michigan 1  

If you live in the Midwest of the United States chances are pretty good that you may book a flight if you like to spend some time along an ocean shore. A great way to experience the "ocean flair" without spending much time and money for a flight is to go to any of the Great Lakes. The only thing I'm missing here at Lake Michigan is the salty smell in the air that you can experience at the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean. We had great weather today with still mild temperatures, sun, and a stiff breeze that created some good size waves.


Lake Michigan 2


The sun is only at an elevation of about 25 degree above the horizon at midday, and in combination with a very thin layer of clouds it creates mostly very nice light conditions. We went on some short hikes today along the coast, enjoyed the landscape and visited three lighthouses. No, we didn't eat a big Thanksgiving turkey dinner today but after a wonderful day outdoors and lots of good photo opportunities we had no regrets of eating a big bowl of chili in our little cottage this evening... ;-) More to come...

Cana Island Lighthouse