Nature clicks #130 - Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep

Bighorn Sheep 1  

It was already two months ago that we have been in the Rocky Mountains and I'm still not done telling stories about our adventures there. OK, you can call my blog "the most out of date blog in the world" but to be honest, I don't really care. Circumstances have not been in my favor recently and I do not have new pictures that I like to show here. If you don't mind about that, keep reading and put up with "the old stuff"... ;-)

Bighorn Sheep lamb

During our vacation we kept looking for Bighorn Sheep but didn't have any luck until two days before we returned home. We had seen these wonderful animals in Glacier National Park a few years ago and were hoping to have another encounter in the Rockies. Finally we had our moment.


Bighorn Sheep 2


These photographs were made near Summit Lake, just below the 14,264 feet high Mount Evans. Bighorn Sheep are excellent climbers and you may see them at very exposed steep mountain slopes. This herd didn't have a "big ol' ram" with curled horns but several ewes with lambs and also some younger rams. I made quite a few clicks but although it was mid afternoon the light was way to harsh for my taste. An hour later would have made a big difference, but hey, Bighorn Sheep have obviously their own schedule for showing up ;-) and we were just thrilled to see them so close.

Bighorn Sheep 3