Fall colors, simple clicks

The fall colors have already passed their peak since a couple weeks here in Eastern Iowa. Most leaves are on the ground or dried up and don't look as pretty anymore. However, a few trees still hold on to their colors and the nice weather last weekend held still plenty of opportunities to make a few clicks.  

Tree in the prairie


The Mines of Spain is a nice recreation area just south of Dubuque, Iowa. It contains 1380 acres of wooded and prairie land, wetlands, and creeks. From its bluffs you have a wonderful view over the Mississippi River. The prairie is already bare of any significant colors but this solitary tree with its colorful leaves stood out and made us aware of the transition from autumn to winter.




The second image is from yesterday's walk with our little dog. The setting sun stroke this, what I believe is an American Elm and made its yellow leaves stand out. I hope you enjoy!