Nature clicks #126 - Northern Harrier

Northern Harrier  

I got all excited when this Northern Harrier landed in a broken pine tree at Timber Creek Campground on the Westside of Rocky Mountain National Park. We had already an eventful day behind us, had just declared "beer time", and enjoyed the warm evening sun in our camping chairs. The camera was still mounted on my tripod because an elk herd had just entered the campground and I was hoping for a good shot of the big bull elk that tried to keep his harem together.

I moved slowly step by step towards the harrier any time the bird turned its head away from me. I believe it is a female and she let me come pretty close. The picture is slightly cropped to keep some ugly branches out of the frame. I had to dial in -2 EV exposure compensation in order not to blow out the feathers on her breast completely.

It was a nice way to wrap up a wonderful day and a valid reason to interrupt "beer time", don't you think?... ;-)