Keep it stabile

Flowing water 1  

One of the things I wanted to experiment a little more during our trip to the Rockies was shooting of flowing water with long exposure. I really like the abstract look of photographs with this subject. I have done this before and after studying my previous photos I really believe it is all about composition and about keeping things out of the frame to make an image work. These shots are quite often made in narrow valleys or canyons and a stupid branch coming from the side or a log in the water at the wrong place can have a very negative impact on the photo. The degree of how much the flowing water gets blurred can be a little bit of personal taste and I experiment a lot with the exposure time in order to obtain the results that satisfy me. Sometimes it is enough to just close the aperture but mostly I use a polarizer or a neutral density filter to extend the exposure time.


Flowing water 2


The best spot to make the click is not always the most stabile place. Quite often I have the legs of the tripod (and my own as well) in the water of the creek or between slippery stones. Every vibration of the tripod is fatal for a long exposure time and I have trashed many pictures because the rocks in the creek were blurred too. These kind of images are not very difficult to make from a technical standpoint but keeping the tripod stabile is very essential. Finding the right composition and the right light is the more challenging part...