Family of five

Trumpeter Swans 1  

I like to interrupt my little report about our adventures in the Rocky Mountains for an actual update on some birds I have written about many times here in my blog. I'm talking about the Trumpeter Swans at the Mill Creek Ponds 30 miles south of here. I haven't been there since June 2, when I found the female sitting on the nest. To my surprise I found yesterday a whole swan family swimming on, what was left of the pond. The size of this little lake has shrunk by about 60-70 percent. As you can see three young swans have been raised during the last three months. I was thrilled to see that they all looked healthy. The only advantage of the dilemma with the drought, and as a result a much smaller pond, is the fact that it was much easier to get close to the Trumpeter Swans. With other words, no really need for cropping any images... :-)


Trumpeter Swans 2


Three young swans