State Forest State Park, Colorado

State Forest State Park 1  

A valid question came up after I posted two bird pictures from State Forest State Park in Colorado. How does it look there? Both images were made from almost the same place, right beside our tent, and in the same direction but just from different angles. They were made also five hours apart from each other. In the first one I tried to catch the fast moving clouds against a clear blue sky and against the yellow and orange colors of the aspen grove across the willow covered valley. This is by the way great moose habitat, even if we didn't see one there.


State Forest State Park 2



The second photo was made a few minutes after 7PM. The sky was boring blue at that time, only a few small puffy clouds were left behind the mountains as you can see. The subject of this image is the warm glow of the aspens at the forest's edge and of the willows in the foreground, created by the low sun just before sunset. Two photos, same spot, two different intents.

More to come...