Nature clicks #119 - Red-tailed Hawk

Red-tailed Hawk  

We spent a couple days in the "State Forest State Park" in Colorado. It is known for its moose population, but however, we have seen moose at other places but unfortunately not in this state park. Other wildlife was always present and while driving on a bumpy gravel road we encountered this Red-tailed Hawk sitting on top of a pine. When I'm driving on small gravel roads or off-road I always have the D300s with the Sigma 50-500 attached sitting on my lap. This allows me to act quickly and shoot handhold just out the window of the car if an opportunity like this hawk comes up.

It was windy and the hawk was moving constantly. I had to watch my shutter speed and in order to maintain 1/1000s I bumped up the ISO to 400. I try to stay in the basement with my ISO between 100 and 200 for outmost detail but sometimes a compromise will make the difference between getting the shot or not. More to come...