Bye, bye little wrens!

Last food?

I can't move on to the next thing here in my blog without finishing the little story about the House Wrens in our front yard, although these images are already a week old. Friday afternoon the female was still feeding the young birds in the nest box. The insects she carried were quite big and this told me that the young wrens would leave the nest very soon. Ones in a while a young bird would stick its head out of the hole but I have been unable to find out how many birds mama wren was actually feeding.


Waiting for more food


However, we were not at home during the weekend and when we came back on Sunday the young wrens were gone. As you maybe remember the first brood was destroyed earlier this summer and all what I can hope for is that the little House Wrens are somewhere out there growing up and making it safely to their winter grounds in the South. I can't wait until next spring when a male will send out his trilling, flutelike melody in order to attract a female right in front of the bedroom window. You can bet on that the nest box will be cleaned and will be ready to host the next generation of House Wrens. They are so much fun to watch and a great subject to improve the skills for wildlife photography.