Nature clicks #115 - Brown-spotted Yellow-wing

Brown-spotted Yellow-wing

The best way to escape the heat here in Iowa is to spend time on the water. Yesterday my younger sister, who is here for a visit at the moment, and I went for another kayak tour over to Wisconsin. I introduced her to Twin Lake in Governor Dodge State Park, a place I have written about before here in this blog. For the first time I took my camera into the kayak. It's still a little scary to me but everything went well. I just took the SIGMA 150/f2.8 with the 1.4 teleconverter attached into the boat. I wanted to focus on insects this time but this combination gave me the range for a possible bird shot as well. There is an abundance of dragonflies along the shore of this beautiful lake at the moment. The Brown-spotted Yellow-wing was one of them and I'm happy to show you this interesting creature again here in my blog. Stay cool!