Expanding the range

The brave dog
Nikon D300s, Sigma 150mm / f2.8 APO EX DG HSM

We decided to go camping to Gov. Dodge State Park over in Wisconsin this weekend. The weather doesn't get any better than what we had the last two days but we also wanted to take our new kayaks out on the water for another tour. After seven years of talking about we finally bought two kayaks a couple weeks ago. We have tested them already twice on the Mississippi River and Joan and I really love it. Beside the fun and good exercise a boat tour can bring, I in particular also hope to expand my range for wildlife photography in the future. The big question this weekend was, how would our little dog Cooper behave in a kayak? He is afraid about almost everything that is new in his life and we had concerns he wouldn't like being on the water. I guess sometimes we worry too much, he seemed to enjoy every minute we spent on the water.

The State Park has two wonderful lakes with very clear water and both are surrounded by trees and rocks. It is a paradise for paddling. We saw several birds, a muskrat, and fish but I didn't take the camera with me into the boat this time. However, I had a great wildlife encounter this morning during an early photo shoot, so please stay tuned for my next "Nature clicks" post...