Travel impressions - Prague, part 2

Cafe Apropos

I actually wanted to write about the famous Charles Bridge in Prague today but a question in my last post from Brian, a cool guy from Germany, made me change my plans. Let's talk about beer and food instead... ;-)

U Fleku

Yes Brian, I have been in the famous "Pivovar U Fleku". I wanted to show my wife Joan where all my bad habits started... (just kidding... :-)  ). This was indeed a place I have visited many, many times in my younger years. I haven't been there for more than twenty years but not much seemed to have changed since. The beer was still good and the food looked better than ever. We had a great time.

U Podhradi

It is really not difficult to find good places to eat in Prague. Many restaurants are in very old and charming buildings. Most menus are in Czech, German, and English language and it is easy for tourists to find their way around. There are places for every price level and beside international cuisine most restaurants offer still the traditional way of Bohemian cooking.


The Bohemian brewing traditions are very old and famous and a real beer connoisseur must have Prague on his bucket list. The best places to enjoy a good beer (pivo) are the small micro breweries and pubs (pivovars).

U Chlupatyho Ducha