Travel impressions - Prague, part 1

Prague, Old Town

The avid readers of my blog knew already I wouldn't start this little "travel impressions series" about our trip to the capitol of the Czech Republic Prague with a "postcard view", if there were not some special ingredients involved. One of them is great light and the other one are the wonderful clouds over the scene. I usually don't care much for this kind of image unless the light sets it apart from the usual tourist snapshot. For those who have never been in this beautiful city, this is a view from Prague's most famous bridge, the Charles Bridge, over the Moldau River to Stare Mesto, the Old Town of Prague. I can tell you, this city is photographers heaven. You can shoot all day and never run out of interesting views and details. I will show you during the next few days just a few of the things that drew my attention. I hope all friends that watch out for nature photography only get something out of this too..., so please stay tuned!