Travel impressions, part 3 - talking about details

It is sometimes tempting to make the same shots that you may find on the postcards sold in the local tourist information office of a city. I can tell you, I know them all in my old home town Bautzen, Germany. They have not changed since I can remember. As many other cities, Bautzen has its classic views that are liked by the tourists, and that's not a bad thing. As a native I feel I have to make a different approach if I want to offer an interesting view of my "old play ground".

It's the detail I'm interested in. I grew up in the old part of town and I really claim to know every stone in this city. Nevertheless I still can find shooting angles I have never thought of before. New details have been added by people that make a living in this town and some new ones are just as good as the ornaments of the old times.


If you know my galleries at you may know that I have a foible for sign boards (click HERE if you don't but like to have a look at it). This is not really a board but comes with the same idea of promoting a business. A goldsmith in the old town of Bautzen put this frog with all its jewelery over his store front. Killer light just before the sun disappeared behind a roof of "Heringsstrasse" made me do the click.

Moenchshof window

A detail that has been added to one of my favorite restaurants is this blacksmith work in a window. The place is called "Mönchshof", which can be translated to "monks yard". Sorry, but food and ambiance will beat almost every place here in the US... ;-)

Old horse trough


Another detail that caught my eye is this old horse trough located just around the corner at another medieval pub and restaurant. It has been affectionately restored although nobody really ties a horse anymore to the old metal rings.