Travel impressions – Bautzen, Saxony, part 2

Bautzen Reichenstrasse

Downtown Bautzen was already decorated for the annual spring festival "Bautzener Frühling". This event lasts three days and is filled with music, art, entertainment, and lots of food and drinks. Every year a flag contest is part of the festival and the best flags get awarded and will be used for the city's decoration during the next years.

The tower on the east end of Reichenstrasse is called "Reichenturm" and used to be part of the city fortifications. Its lower part was finished in 1492 while the upper part was added about 1718 during the time of baroque architecture. The tower is actually leaning by 1.44 meters but has been finally stabilized in 1954.

I grew up in the old part of Bautzen and it is always a great joy for me to see how the historic buildings have been restored from damage during WWII or how they are preserved from the normal influence of the weather. In my opinion, this is tax money well spent. As a photographer in particular it is not difficult to like this...