Nature clicks #100 - Great Egret

Great Egret 1
Nikon D300s, Sigma 50-500mm / f4.5-6.3 APO DG HSM

It was a great day for wildlife photography today. A thin layer of clouds made for nice and soft light. The only requirement for a decent image was to keep the clouds and their gray reflections on the water out of the frame. Lots of birds are in the Green Island Wetlands right now. However, birds in flight against the sky or swimming on reflecting water were not really an option today. I looked for spots were the water did not reflect so much but that was not always easy. The Great Egrets are back and if you can get close enough they are always worth a click. They are usually not as shy as the Great Blue Herons.

I really wanted to go to the Green Island Wetlands today. Because of my recent business travel my last visit there was already more than three weeks ago and my next visit will be probably not much before the end of May. Yes, I look forward to travel again next week. I go over to Germany for a big trade show in Düsseldorf and after that I fly to my home town for my son's wedding. As you can imagine the long lens will be left home but I hope to snap a few pictures while traveling.

I may post a couple more shots from today's adventure, so please stay tuned...

Great Egret 2
Nikon D300s, Sigma 50-500mm / f4.5-6.3 APO DG HSM