Big surprise

White Pelicans

My friend Dawei sent me a message this morning that the Bald Eagles were on the ice around Credit Island in Davenport, Iowa yesterday. I have never been so far south for eagle photography but I decided to give it a try today. I was not disappointed, there were many eagles in the trees and on the ice but I may write about them later this week.

Today I just like to tell you about a big surprise I had. I tried to focus on an eagle sitting on the ice when I saw three White Pelicans coming up the river. Great! I saw a chance to get them in the picture together with the Bald Eagle. All what I had to do was to wait a few more seconds until they would show up in the viewfinder of the camera. Suddenly the pelicans changed their mind, turned around, and moved down the river in the other direction. S#@%!!! I ran sideways into the bushes and fired a few shots through the branches. This is what I got. :-( No, this is of course not a good photo but I wanted to share it with you anyway. I really wonder if this is a sign for an early arrival of spring. With the mild weather we have this year it might be difficult to tell anyway if the winter is over or not ;-) More to come from today's shooting in Davenport…