Ice fishing fun and a little bit photography

Don and his catch

We finally got the winter here in Iowa and have some snow on the ground. However, I would have seen snow anyway, because it was the weekend for the annual ice fishing trip with friends. For the sixth year in a row we went to the Northwoods in Wisconsin. The ice was not as thick as other years but nevertheless still thick enough to drive on. I usually take my camera with me but photography was not the top priority last weekend.

My fishing luck wasn't really great. I caught a couple Northern Pike but they were small and I didn't keep them. "Fisher king" was my brother in law Don, who pulled two 28 inch Northerns onto the ice. It was my pleasure to make a few clicks of him with his catch.

Fay Lake
Nikon D300s, Nikkor 24-120mm / f4

The main reason why I take my photo gear on the ice is the never ending hope to catch some great light. I always have one eye on the sky, especially during the time around sunset. The image above tells the story about a great final of a wonderful day on the ice of Fay Lake in Wisconsin.