Warm but crispy winter light

Guttenberg, Iowa
Nikon D300s, Nikkor 24-120mm / f4

Yesterday I was in southern Minnesota. I left home before sunrise and returned right after sunset. I love this kind of business trip here in the Midwest, especially if the weather is so mild and the road conditions are reasonable. I enjoy driving through the little rural towns in Iowa or Minnesota, where the time sometimes seems to stand still. But we all know this is just an illusion.

The sun was still an inch above the horizon when I approached the town of Guttenberg at the Mississippi River. Just north of town is this little peninsula reaching into the river. I have seen it completely flooded before but yesterday the rays of the setting sun gave it a wonderful warm touch and the icy blue of the water made for a nice color contrast. I had only a minute to make a few clicks before the shadows of the bluffs on the Iowa side of the river took it all away.