Nature clicks #65 - A Reddish Egret (I'm thrilled!)

Reddish Egret
Nikon D300s, Sigma 50-500, f/4.5-6.3 APO DG HSM

As I mentioned before I was not the only one up early in the Bolsa Chica Ecological Preserve last Sunday. It is always nice to shoot wildlife together with local photographers that are on their home turf. I learned allot about the species that were present and what and where to look for in the wetlands in general.

I was busy working the pelicans when I heard something croaking behind me on the other side of the bridge that crosses the laguna. I pointed at the egret standing in the water and everybody got excited. It was a Reddish Egret, a bird that is relatively rare to find. My books say that there are only about 2,000 pairs left in the US. I was told by another photographer that he had seen up to four in the laguna. However, it was a thrill for me to get my glass on a Reddish Egret, the first one I have ever seen.