A new adventure at the Bolsa Chica Wetlands

Bolsa Chica Wetlands
 Bolsa Chica Wetlands at 6:10AM

Hi folks, I'm still in Southern California. Work related events have prevented me from shooting the last few days. However, today I had planned to spend all day in the Bolsa Chica Wetlands again. Click on the "Bolsa Chica" tag below if you want to see my older posts about this nature preserve along the Pacific coast. I got up really early this morning because I wanted to be there before sunrise. The weather forecast had predicted rain for today but at 6AM it still looked like that we would have a chance to get some early sun light. I was only the second photographer on the wooden bridge that goes over the laguna and that is ideal for shooting in both directions. At this time of the year thousands of migrated birds are in these wetlands and from my previous visits I knew that the light can be gorgeous so early in the morning. Me and several other photographers have been finally not disappointed and we were able to shoot until 10AM before rain and heavy clouds set an end.

Western Grebe
Western Grebe

I want to start with this image of a Western Grebe that is right out of camera, except for the usual contrast enhancement by tone curve and the necessary sharpening process (as always I shoot RAW only). The Western Grebe is not so difficult to focus on because of its contrast around the eye. That doesn't mean all images were sharp but it really helps to focus, especially in this early morning "killer light". More to come…