Approach with dramatic light

Approaching Chicago

My flight from Houston, TX to Chicago, IL today was not very exciting until we approached the O'Hare airport. I had the new Nikon D300s with me and worked my way through the manual in order to learn more about some of the features that I hadn't really used yet. The sky was bald blue and boring during the whole flight and except for some test shots over the wing of the airplane I didn't make any interesting clicks. When we reached Chicago I saw huge clouds moving in from the west. It looked like we would fly over a mountain ridge. As always, the window was not clean and it wasn't easy to find a shooting angle without reflections from the dirt on the glass.

Over Lake Michigan

We couldn't approach the airport directly and had to fly a few circles over Lake Michigan. Clouds were everywhere and the views were very dramatic. This is my favorite shot, with the sunlight reflecting on the wing and the little sun spot on the water of the lake. During touchdown on the runway it was heavily snowing. It seems winter has finally arrived in the Midwest...