Back from the Great Smoky Mountains

Big Creek
Big Creek, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, North Carolina

I have not been able to keep the promise of blogging during our vacation in the Great Smoky Mountains and other National Forests around them. We tent camped most of the time in the wilderness with no or little access to phone, internet, and electrical power. Thank you to all of you who kept clicking in the blog even during the time without a new post!

We just came back home a few hours ago and had a great time being outdoors for the last eighteen days. Hi to the kids, Anke, Seraphine, and Andre, who spent the first ten days together with us in the woods, and who are now back in Germany. We enjoyed to have you on this trip.

Nice weather for the most part and wonderful fall colors made for good photo opportunities. Lots of pictures have to be sifted and I will hopefully find the time in the next few weeks to share some of the beautiful nature impressions with you. The image above was made near our last campsite from a small wooden bridge over Big Creek in the eastern part of the Smokies, and not far from the border to Tennessee.