Back again

Autumn 2011-1
Nikon D300s, Nikkor 24-120 f/4

I can tell you, I felt like a drug addict without my camera during the last two weeks. I missed the Worlwide Photowalk and the chance to meet with other photographers from the area last weekend. My friend Dave Updegraff lead the walk here in Dubuque again and his blog tells the story about excellent weather conditions and a lot of fun shooting together with other photographers.

Autumn 2011-2
Nikon 300s, Nikkor 24-120 f/4

My camera came back from Nikon Service Center on Monday. The simple message was that it had received the kiss of death. A crack inside the housing put it out of work forever and it was beyond repair. A quick decision had to be made Monday night because of our upcoming vacation with my family. I couldn't even imagine going without a camera into the Great Smoky Mountains during the fall. So I ordered a Nikon D300s and got it delivered yesterday evening. Many things are similar to the D200 but I know there will be a learning curve for the new features and the way this camera performs. The first test shots are made and many more will follow during the next few weeks. I'm already impressed with the focus system and noise handling, which show a big improvement over the D200.

We may not have much internet access during our vacation but I hope to find the chance to post here a few times. Until then, enjoy the colors of autumn in your area!(Special note to my sister Claudia in Sydney, Australia: Enjoy the colors of spring!! ;-)  )