Murphy's law

Great Salt Lake  

It's quiet here again. The reason for not blogging is simple and sad. I dropped my camera this week. No mechanical damage on the outside because it hit a grassy ground, but it quit working completely. What really makes me sick is the fact that our vacation trip is less than two weeks away. Murphy's law!!!

 I had it checked in with FedEx two hours later and I just hope now that the people at the Nikon Service Center can fix it and that I have it back before our departure. My Sigma 50-500 was attached when it happened and I don't even know yet if the lens has been damaged too. At least it looks OK.

I try to see the positive side (even if I'm not really sure there is any… ). Since no new images are made right now I find the time to clean up my archive. Oh no, I still can't laugh about the adversity… :-(