Nature clicks # 56 - Cicada, but what species?

Nikon D200, Nikkor 24-120 mm f/4G ED VR, SB 600


A week ago, while sitting on the balcony at night with family, we discovered this cicada resting on a post. I like cicadas and immediately rushed into the house to get my speedlight and camera. This is only the third time that I saw one. There wasn't much time for preparation because the cicada moved upwards and I was afraid it would take off before I had made a single click. The D200 was set to commander mode and the SB600 (placed left from the camera) was triggered by the built in flash of the camera. This quick setup with the flash off camera allowed me to minimize reflections, especially on the wings of the cicada. I just corrected flash distance and angle slightly a couple times before I had this shot.

I don't think it is a periodical cicada. None of the two broods that occur in 17 year emerges in our area is due for an appearance this year. The Northern Illinois Brood emerged in 2007 and will hopefully be seen again in 2024. We don't have to wait so long for the Iowan Brood. They are expected in 2014 the next time (source: Wikipedia). I still don't know what particular species this cicada is, but please drop me a note if you have an idea. I would really appreciate it.