Nature clicks # 54 - Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Ruby-throated Hummingbird
Nikon D200, Sigma 50-500 mm f/4.0-6.3, SB 600


One of the goals I had set for myself this summer was to create an image of a hummingbird feeding from a flower and not from a hummingbird feeder. To make it even more of a challenge I wanted a picture that I didn't have to crop. This is easier said than done. These tiny little birds buzz around very fast and don't hang on at a flower for very long. I used a stand for the speed light, a Nikon SB 600, and placed it slightly above a group of hosta blooms in the yard. I knew the hummingbirds like them. The question was only how frequently they would come near the camera and feed. I spent several hours patiently waiting. I had of course several misses but I finally got a few shots that I'm happy with. This is one of them, and yes, it is as I saw it in the viewfinder. No crop this time :-)