Nature clicks #48 - Four weeks old

Four weeks old
Nikon D200, Sigma 50-500 mm f/4.0-6.3, 420 mm (630 mm FX), 1/180s, f/6.3, -1 EV, ISO 100


I checked on the Trumpeter Swans again today. The cygnet is now four weeks old. Time seems to fly. The first step is always to locate them by driving very slowly along the Mill Creek ponds. After I did that four times I still could not find them at all and started to worry about them. I decided to hike to the backside of the ponds to see if I had better luck. It had rained last night and so it was like entering a jungle. With other words it was hot, very humid, and mosquito infested. It paid back that I carry bug spray in my photo backpack during the summer. And there I found them. The reeds are now so tall that it was impossible to see the swans from the gravel road. The cygnet had grown again and all three seemed to be in good condition.

It was the closest I have been so far to the young swan and this time I didn't have to crop any of my pictures. Getting closer leads also to more sharper images because it is easier to place the AF sensor.