Many ways to enjoy a holiday weekend

Horse buggy  

There are many ways to enjoy a holiday weekend like this around Independence Day. For me the Sunday was a day full of photo opportunities. Let me start with the one at the end of the day. While driving home in my car I saw these people with heir horse buggy entering the Heritage Trail, a recreation trail that follows the Little Maquoketa River and that has been built on an old railroad track. I'm quite often on the trail and had immediately a picture in mind that could materialize two miles down the trail. The road runs parallel to the trail and I had a few minutes to prepare for the shot.

It was a little hazy and I was hoping that the late afternoon sun would create a nice soft light at one of the bridges.

I think there is not much that can beat a ride in a horse buggy on a beautiful Sunday like today! Well, shooting pictures of people in a horse buggy isn't bad either… ;-) More to come...