Nature clicks #44 - Snapping Turtle on a log

Snapping Turtle  

I like to share another picture from last weekend that may not win a photography price but means a lot to me. Just before I shot the images of the new born swan cygnet (see my last post) I stopped at one of the other ponds in the Mill Creek Valley and saw this Common Snapping Turtle on a log in the pond. A Painted Turtle was right next to it. It was quiet a bit away, so I tried to work with the lines of the logs in the water to make it at least an interesting composition. While still fiddling with my settings, the turtle decided that diving in the water is more fun than sun bathing on a log. OK, I had two shots on my memory card and I'm glad about it. It is an interesting animal I really want to find out more about it. I like how the Snapping Turtle is laying on the log. Doesn't it really say, Hey it's Sunday, just relax….? ;-)