Nature clicks #41 - Yellow-Headed Blackbird (finally!)

Yellow-Headed Blackbird
Nikon D200, Sigma 50-500 mm f/4.0-6.3


I mentioned a little while ago that I found another bird species in the Green Island Wetlands that I hadn't seen before. The first time I saw one was actually on Antelope Island in Utah (see my older post HERE). I was very happy to discover it here in Eastern Iowa as well. It is not easy to get close enough. They search for food in the reeds or sit high up in a dead tree in the middle of a pond. I heard their very loud and distinctive call all the time but all what I got so far was a yellow-black dot ,that with some phantasy someone could identify as a bird… ;-)

I tried very hard last Saturday without any luck. I came again on Sunday and after hiding for a couple hours in my "mobile blind" (my car of course) I got rewarded. One of the beautiful looking Yellow-Headed Blackbirds landed right in front of me beside the gravel road. That made my day!