Non-fictional fun

The Hot Shoe Diaries-1

I'm just about to finish Joe McNally's book "The Hot Shoe Diaries - Big Light From Small Flashes". I have never had so much fun reading a non-fictional book. He is one of the great American photographers and photojournalists whose work is published in magazines like National Geographic. He works with light and creates amazing pictures by using small hot shoe flash lights.

In his book Joe McNally lets you participate in the process of creating his wonderful images. I've been following his blog for a while and I've already gotten used to his unconventional writing style. Serious when it comes to facts and technical content, but really funny how it is put in context. Be forewarned if you are a non-native English reader like me. You may learn a few new words and spelling suggestions which your English teacher didn't necessarily tell you about. But all this makes reading the book real fun. And while you are still giggling, you may have learned something new that can play a role for your own photography work from now on.

Summary: Highly recommended!

Did I use a hot shoe flash for the two pictures in this post? You bet!

The Hot Shoe Diaries-2