Stormy Great Salt Lake

Great Salt Lake
14 mm (21 mm FX), 1/1000s, f/8, -1.5 EV, ISO100


It has been quiet in my blog for a while. I had to travel for business during the last ten days. Yes, I made time for photography but I was unable to post anything due to a very tight schedule and very limited internet access over the weekend.

My first stop was Salt Lake City in Utah. Two evenings in a row I was able to head north onto Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake. I have been there last year already and this time I had set some goals for myself. One of it was to come back with much better landscape images than last year.


Storm over the lake
11.5 mm (17 mm FX), 1/250s, f/8, -1 EV, ISO100


I couldn't ask for better weather on Tuesday night last week. A winter storm moved through the area and created some very dramatic clouds and fresh snow in the mountains. The changes took place very quickly and I worked with the SIGMA 10-20 mm, f/4.0-5.6 for most of the pictures. In the past I did not always like how pale my colors turned out and quite often the highlights in the clouds were blown out. This time I dialed in at least  -1 EV and this made all the difference. More to come…