Nature clicks #30 - Green Island Wetlands again


Today I actually planned to drive down south to LeClaire, Iowa and try to find White Pelicans at the Mississippi. Well, I never made it. On my way down I stopped in the Green Island Wetlands. Oh boy, there was so much going on that I discarded my original plan and spent all day long in this area again. The Mississippi had its flood peak today and in the wetlands the water was also quite a bit higher than during my earlier visits this year. Many of the surrounding fields were flooded and I was wondering how that would effect the wildlife and the chances to make some good images. Soon after turning of the main road I ran into a couple egrets, a Blue Heron, and two Sandhill Cranes, all in the same spot. It was the closest distance I have been to any of the cranes so far…  more to come!