Nature clicks #28 - Painted turtles

Painted Turtles
Nikon D200, SIGMA 50-500 @ 370mm, 1/350s, f/9.5, -1 EV, ISO 280


Birds have dominated my interest in the wetlands last Saturday. But there is more to find. I have made pictures of Painted Turtles before, but have never been satisfied with the outcome. They are hard to approach. The slightest movement concerns them and they will slide or just drop into the water as soon someone comes close. As much I would like to use my tack sharp SIGMA 150, f/2.8 lens to capture their image, it just seems not to be possible and I have to rely on the 50-500 with it's longer range. Other things have to fall in place too. I don't like too much sky reflection on their shell or on the water surface. It always makes the picture looking dull. The low sun in the late afternoon opened this opportunity for me to get a decent image of some sunbathing Painted Turtles on a log.