Nature clicks #26 - Update on wildflowers

Bloodroot 2
Nikon D200, SIGMA 150 mm f/2.8, 1/400s, f/4, -1/2 EV, ISO 100


I like to give you a quick update on the wildflowers in the woods behind our house. Two weeks ago I reported about the first hepatica sticking their heads out (click for my older post here). There are many patches of them now and their colors vary from almost white to deep purple.


Nikon D200, SIGMA 150 mm f/2.8, 1/350s, f/5.6, -1/2 EV, ISO 100


Another early flower we are blessed to have here is the Bloodroot. We never have seen so many before as of this year. It seems to pay back now that Joan and I pull out any Garlic Mustard plant, whenever we can grab one. Garlic Mustard is an invasive species in North America and it spreads everywhere in the the woods here. It seems to be an endless battle because one plant can produce hundreds of seeds and they can germinate up to five years after being produced. This patch of Bloodroot is the largest one I have seen so far and we are very happy about it. And there is another wildflower blooming already, but this for another post. So, please stop by again!