Nature clicks #24 - Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron 1
Nikon D200, SIGMA 50-500 @ 500mm, 1/500s, f/6.3, -1/2 EV, ISO 200


Yesterday I  spent almost eight hours in the Green Island Wetlands near the Mississippi River again. The day didn't actually start too good. Uniform grey clouds covered the sky, a "no, no" for taking pictures of birds on the water or in flight. But my worries were without avail. The weather became better with every hour I spent in the wetlands. I met my friend Dave Updegraff briefly, who was on a photo tour with his wife and some friends. They told me about some Sandhill Cranes they had seen earlier  and that I had missed. No wonder, eight eyes see more than two ;-) .

I went back and first I saw only four cranes. They later joined another group of ten birds further in the distance. I made a few clicks but they were out of reach for a good image. However, it was once more exiting to watch the Sandhill Cranes and to hear their calls. Dave actually posted a picture of me looking at the cranes in his blog. Thank you Dave! :-)


Great Blue Heron 2
Nikon D200, SIGMA 50-500 @ 500mm, 1/160s, f/6.3, -1/2 EV, ISO 100


Despite the sun was still not out from behind the clouds I put the lens on a Great Blue Heron that was looking out for prey. Suddenly it caught a fish. It took the heron quite some time to gobble the big catch. I had the focus set on manual this time again. I really get better results, means more keepers, if I use the Sigma 50-500 at maximum focal length.

Joan had to work this weekend and couldn't join me this time. When I come back from a photo trip she asks me quite often, "Did you see anything new?". Oh yes, I did! So please stay tuned for more to come…