Nature clicks #21 - Spring indicators

Hepatica americana
150 mm, 1/60s, f4, -1EV


For me spring has really arrived when the first wildflowers stick their heads out from underneath the old leaves. We are blessed to have each year several species in the woods behind our house. The first ones are always the Round-lobed Hepatica. The dry rocky ground on top of a big limestone bluff is the ideal ground for these little spring flowers.

Joan discovered the first one today. After I finished work I mounted my favorite macro lens on the D200, the SIGMA 150 mm, f2.8, and went out in the woods. The sun was already very low and it was slightly windy. However, I wanted this shot, got down flat on the ground, and dialed in 1/60s, f4, and -1EV. We usually have quite a few hepatica here and I hope during the next days we will see many more.

Did I say yet "Spring is here!" ? ;-)