Actually I had a different story to tell for today’s blog post, which had to do with the snow that we have on the ground again. My plan was changed immediately when I had this little guy in front of the lens this evening. The Ruby-crowned Kinglet is one of the tiniest and prettiest birds we can sometimes see here during spring migration. Our dog Cooper and I enjoyed a hike down in our valley on the Heritage Trail along the Little Maquoketa River. The trail follows an old railroad track and at several places it has steep rock walls on both sides. The kinglet did not sit still for even a second and was vigorously searching for little insects in every crack, cave, and cavity between the mossy rocks.

I shot the lens wide open at 200 mm, f/4. Several tack sharp “butt shots” proved the fast focus of the lens but it was quite a challenge to get the eye in the picture because the Ruby-crowned Kinglet faced the wall most of the time. So why did I try to shoot the “little feather ball” from behind or at least from the side? The second picture, the only real front view I had, may tell the story about today’s weather conditions better but it doesn’t say “ruby-crowned” at all.

Nikon D750, Nikon Nikkor AF-S 70-200mm, f/4G ED VR