There are many good ways to finish a work week, watching a movie, listening to great music, or having a chat with the bar tender, you name it. For me not much can beat being in the great outdoors, listening to the sounds of nature, and watching the things unfold. After a long stretch of days without sunshine the seeming impossible happened just a few minutes before sunset today, the edge of an endless overcast passed finally the sun. This happened while I watched a flock of 30 Snow Geese and listened to the calls of over 100 Sandhill Cranes in the Green Island Wetlands. After sunset the light for shooting into the field, where hundreds of Mallards and Wood Ducks came to rest, was not sufficient anymore. Pointing the long lens to the west and waiting for birds moving in front of the clouds was the option I took advantage of. As I said, many good ways to finish a work week… 😊