Lake Michigan, Door Peninsula, Wisconsin ------

Today’s cameras have a lot of dynamic range, about 2-3 stops of light more than the good old film cameras. This is for some people still not enough and they employ HDR  (high dynamic range) software to get even more than just a black dot out of a mouse hole in the ground (Am I too sarcastic? 😉). There is actually nothing wrong with that, it just may not benefit every kind of photo, it's overdone quite often. For me there is usual enough information stored in the RAW files that may become eventually a photo, printed or published here on the website. Romancing a landscape image does not require to see every tiny branch or making the inside of a crack in a rock visible. Less is more. Sure, in a high contrast environment the shadows can be lifted and quite often the highlights are lowered a little bit. For this photo it was all about balancing the contrast a tad to make the lines (sun spots, waves, clouds) generate some magic.