Mississippi River, between New Albin, Iowa and Brownsville, Minnesota ----

When I watched Friday night about 150 Tundra Swans resting on a mud bank across from Mud Lake, and far away in the Mississippi River, I knew it was time to go up north. Today I made the trip to New Albin, IA, crossed the Minnesota border, and stopped finally at the viewing deck just south of Brownsville, MN. What I found was one of the most spectacular wildlife experiences I ever had. Today’s estimate by birders that had an information desk out there was 30,000 Tundra Swans. The swans take a rest along the Mississippi during their long journey from the arctic all the way to the mid-Atlantic coast. The sound is incredible beautiful and seeing so many swans in one location was a sheer delight.

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After a gray and foggy morning the sun came out and awarded everybody with a piece of optical glass in their hands or on a tripod with quality light. I’m not sure if four photos can tell the story completely but I hope they make you want to go out and see this. It looks like the temperatures will stay on the moderate side this week and there is a chance that the Tundra Swans will be in the area for a few days.