Amnicon Falls State Park, Wisconsin

In almost every corner along the shore of Lake Superior we found creeks and streams that feed the lake with huge amounts of water every minute. Our first night near the lake we pitched our tent in Amnicon Falls State Park, Wisconsin. A series of waterfalls and rapids along the Amnicon River are worth spending some time there. The area has an interesting geological history that goes back more than half a billion years ago. After flowing over the falls the water runs only a few more miles until it enters Lake Superior.

I used the tripod to make a series of images at some of the water falls. The clicks were made mid morning and the sun was quite high already. To get the sense of fast moving water I employed the technique of multiple exposures for each image, without using a neutral density filter. My NIKON D750 can only do 3 exposures for one image but this is obviously enough for a picture of a waterfall. I learned about this technique already last year and had written about it here in the blog before. The light reflects different in each picture and so I shot a series of images. Back home I just had to find the one I like the best showing the motion of the water.